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Welcome to the foremost metal fabrication Colorado Springs has to offer! We have premier services to aid in any custom welding or fabrication job that comes through the door. Contact us today or come by the shop to find out how we can provide the best welder for your services!

"I typically expect to spend a good chunk of change when it comes to custom orders (especially custom fabrication) but I was blown away by how reasonable the pricing was. I had a custom fire pit made and I am beyond excited with the quality. Will be a return customer!" - Carson G.


The hardest part when searching out the welding contractors Colorado Springs CO has to offer, is finding the correct service for the job. Not all welding and fabrication projects are alike, and not all projects require the same process to complete it efficiently. That is where Welding Colorado steps in to provide any service you can think of, with a professional welder proficient in every welding process for that job. Below are just a few of the amazing welding services we can provide for your next project.

Mobile Welding

One complaint I have heard through the years is “There are no welding services near me!”. That is why we have outfitted several welding rigs to provide mobile welding services! Never again do you have to worry about trudging over to our shop with your heavy equipment or dirtbike. We have been known for having the best mobile welding Colorado Springs has available. With our mobile welding services we can be at your doorstep or your job site out in Woodland Park! Do not bother searching “welding near me” any longer, because we will bring the welding to YOU wherever that may be.

Residential Welding

Our work extends beyond large scale manufacturing and commercial building construction. We can provide a variety of welding services for residential projects. We typically construct pole building style shops but can tackle anything that involves metal. Our metal fabricators have been out to hundreds of house calls and there is nothing they cannot handle. The next time you need some welding contractors around the house, or need an ornate piece of carefully fabricated metal constructed, give us a call and we will come right to your door.

Welding Repair

We do many large scale manufacturing jobs but never turn down the small welding repair jobs. No job is too small or too large for our shop to handle. Whether you are bringing in a piece of equipment such as an excavator bucket or a dirtbike frame, we will provide you with the quality welding repair you deserve. If there is no way for you to bring your equipment to us, that is no problem because we have some of the best mobile welding Colorado Springs has ever seen. We have repaired thousands of metal objects through the years and our welders are proficient enough in all welding processes to handle anything you throw at us.

Metal Fabrication

Our welding team has decades of experience when it comes to providing the custom metal fabrication Colorado Springs needs. We know custom welding and large scale fabrication like the back of our hand! There has not been a set of drawings yet that we had to decline, we will do our best to work with you on any fabrication project to get you the product you desire. So the next time you ask “Is there any quality metal fabrication near me?” Look no further than the professionals at Welding Colorado Springs.

Commercial Welding

We supply many of the surrounding suburbs with our commercial welding services. We can also provide some of the best aluminum welding Colorado Springs has to offer for commercial projects. This could include handrails, structural supports, walkways, and many others. New construction or just repair work, our team can do it all. When you think of “welding near me” thinking of Welding Colorado Springs because we are always willing to be near you!

About Welding Colorado Springs

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to inquire about Colorado Springs Welding services. We are confident that we accomplish any of your goals when it comes to welding and fabrication projects. Here at Welding Colorado Springs we pride ourselves in having a welder Colorado Springs can always count on. Many other welding companies in the area just cannot provide the number of services we offer. Oftentimes we hear people exclaim “there are no mobile welders near me” and we understand the frustration. That is why we have focused on providing prompt and quality mobile welding services to our community for many years. Please take a look through our website to see some of the services we provide and do not hesitate to call for a free estimate.

Our company strives to provide only exceptional customer service and welding quality. What sets us apart from other welding companies in Colorado Springs CO is our attention to detail and ability to provide any welding process or fabrication service under the sun. Below are just a few processes that our welders are proficient in:

-Aluminum Welding

-Pipe Welding

-Arc Welding


Those are just a small example of the numerous welding services we provide at our shop. Our customers in the Colorado Springs continually come back to us for our prompt wide array of services and quality of the end product. When it comes to welding shops in Colorado Springs, many lack the ability to provide mobile welding services. We chose to capitalize on this sector of the market and build our mobile welding fleet of trucks and the residents in the area have responded with resounding success.

Aside from exemplary services, we love to give back to our community. In the end, customer satisfaction is number one which is why we focus on serving the customer inside the shop, and out on the street. We do our best to provide welding services for reduced costs or even free when it comes to helping out the community, even if it is a job as simple as welding up an inner city bike rack. We live and breathe Colorado Springs so we want to see the community flourish just like our business!

Why choose Colorado Springs Welding?

Our shop provides some of the best welding services Colorado Springs CO has to offer. Not only do we provide more services than any other shops, we have many professional welders that have been AWS (American Welding Society) certified and well trained through monthly weld testing administered in our shop. Attention to detail is never overlooked when it comes to our steel fabricators providing top notch work. All of our welders are proficient with many units, some of those include:

  • MIG Welder (Metal Inert Gas)
  • TIG welder (Tungsten Inert Gas)
  • Stick Welder (also known as arc welder)
  • Spot Welder (also known as stud welder)
colorado springs welder
colorado springs metal fabrication

Administering various welding tests to our welders has proven beneficial to honing their craft and also performing at their best. We take schematic tolerances very seriously and the thought “good enough” never crosses our mind. If you feel the end product does not meet your standards or does not meet the schematic drawing specifications we will happily reproduce the fabricated part until it is perfect. That is what you can expect from one of the best welding companies in Colorado Springs CO. We live and breath everything welding fabrication and have the utmost passion for providing quality service and producing top notch fabricated products. When you think “I need welding companies near me!” consider us for all of your welding and fabrication needs!

colorado springs welding services

What to expect from a Colorado Springs Welder

We have a hassle free RFQ (request for Quote) form listed on our website but you can also email or call to receive a free estimate. We have many staff members standing by to answer all questions welding and fabrication and provide you with an estimate for the required service. Our process from RFQ to end product is a well oiled machine at our shop and you can expect continual communication through the process. A typical transaction is as follows:

  • You submit your RFQ or call
  • We provide you an estimate based on your RFQ
  • Once accepted by both parties, the welder begins cutting materials to fabricate your design or product.
  • The welder then preps all of the parts by grinding or sanding the predetermined welding surfaces.
  • The welder then begins fabricating and welding all parts together.
  • If you desire powder coating, the welder then preps the finished product for paint.
  • After the painting process the end product is ready for pick up.

We like to keep our customers up to date through these steps to ensure you get exactly what you ordered. In the end your satisfaction is our number one priority and we have found that keeping an open dialogue between our shop and the customer provides a stress-free transaction for both parties. So if you are thinking “there are no quality welding shops near me,” then you have come to the right place because quality welding is all we do!

About Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is at the heart of Colorado. With so many activities in every direction there is no surprise the population is booming at around half a million. There are hundreds of miles of hiking terrain surrounding Colorado Springs, including paths up to the glacier carved pikes peak landmark in Pike National Forest. You could spend a week in downtown and not visit everything the city has to offer.

With landmarks like the World War 2 Aviation museum, Garden of the Gods visitor and Nature center, Pioneers Museum, Space Foundation Headquarters and Discovery center, and of course the historic Colorado Springs US Olympic & Paralympic Training Center. With activities for every lifestyle, Colorado Springs should be your next vacation spot. There are many bustling suburbs around Colorado Springs such as:

  • Fountain
  • Eastonville
  • Fort carson
  • Black forest
  • Monument
  • Woodland park
  • Manitou springs
  • Many other surrounding areas

Industry Frequently Asked Questions

What does a welder do?

The basic construct of welding is fusing two pieces of red hot metal together via extremely high heat and an electrode. But a welders job extends well beyond just laying beads. The best welder Colorado Springs has will be able cut, grind, drill, tap, and fabricate the variety of metal types.

Where is there a high demand for welders?

There is a need for welders in every city across the nation. Many of the Colorado Springs metal fabrication shops (including ours) are booked solid for months out. There is a constant supply of new construction and fabrication needed all over. Pipeliners throughout Montana and North Dakota pay very well and are always in demand.

How much does a good welder cost?

Welding is a very difficult practice to perfect, so it comes with a higher cost than the typical general contractor charges. Most shops charge an hourly rate but depending on the job they may charge a lump sum to include labor AND parts. You can expect to spend anywhere from $75-$200 an hour depending on the project.

Is it hard to learn how to weld?

Welding is not an easy task. It takes hundreds of hours of practice to really be able to lay down a decent bead. The easiest welder to start on would be a MIG welder. While it is still not easy, it is easier to learn than TIG or stick welding.

" I do not know a lot about welding but I have seen my husband do a few projects around the house. For his birthday I decided to have a pretty elaborate gun rack fabricated for his office. All I can say is he is beyond happy and it turned out like it was built by a machine. The craftsmanship alone is worth going to this shop. "

- Carson G.

" You always consider construction or labor type work to have some grumpy old dudes to try and talk to. But I was completely wrong when I called Welding Colorado Springs. They were very helpful and provided me with a lot of information that I was unaware of before requesting a quote. Outstanding customer service. "

- Gregory Tate

Contact Us Today

When you use our welding services you are going to get more than just a product. We provide the best customer service possible and keep a detailed description of everything that is required to finish your next fabricating project. We are not like some of the other metal fabrication Colorado Springs shops, our ability to keep the highest standards possible while also producing the finished product in a timely manner is par none. At Welding Colorado Springs the customers' happiness is our top priority.

Our welders are in high demand so if you have any desire to start a welding and fabrication project anytime soon, do not delay and reach out to us for a free estimate. You can fill out our hassle-free RFQ (request for quote) form on our website, give us a call, or email us your drawings for a fast and easy estimate. We look forward to working with you!

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